What is Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife?

Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife is an Overwolf Plugin, which extends certain
features and helps the player to solve various things easy and quick.

Start Window

Most features of Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife can be found in the start window. One of the many important features is the overview of all Guild Wars 2 boss events to get the maximum of rewards per day!

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Day and Night Timer

The Day and Night Timer shows you exactly how long it takes for the next sunrise or sunset in Guild Wars 2.

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The Notifier gives you feedback about undone world boss events. This way you wont miss the boss!

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Twitch Livestream

Watch a Twitch stream while you're playing Guild Wars 2! With this tool you will be able to watch a steam in-game via www.twitch.tv.

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Of course you have the power to customize Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife the way you want it to be!

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Talety Chat

The Talety Chat is a live chat system that allows player to communicate beyond the borders of the world!

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Customer Voices

  • GREAT gw2 themed visuals has almost EVERYTHING you would want in a app. i hope they add more features!

  • Really like love app. It has the capability to do what multiple other apps on the appstore can do. Very useful. Not bugs that I have found as of yet.

  • just perfect!