About Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife

Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife is an Overwolf app created to improve the players experience by providing additional information ingame and is continuously supported trough updates. The app won in the Guild Wars 2 App Challenge 2015 in the category Player Experience.

Pocket Knife is developed mainly by Julian Aziz Haslinger, supported by a couple of people.



Logo Designer


  • Alex Grill (en, de)
  • Marius Fliegel (en, de)
  • Adrian (en, de)
  • Kiana (fr)
  • Lothar Saint Cyr (fr)
  • Luc (fr)
  • Swouam (fr)
  • Tailer Giacometti (es)
  • Saelyth (es)
  • Kilian Molina (es)
  • Dagonath (et)

Customer Voices

  • GREAT gw2 themed visuals has almost EVERYTHING you would want in a app. i hope they add more features!

  • Really like love app. It has the capability to do what multiple other apps on the appstore can do. Very useful. Not bugs that I have found as of yet.

  • just perfect!