Frequently Asked Questions

How to close Pocket Knife


To close Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife you have to right click the symbol of Pocket Knife and go to Close Pocket Knife.

Using Pocket Knife creates lag in Guild Wars 2.


Since Pocket Knife is on top of Guild Wars 2's interface using Overwolf, performance issues may appear such like lag or fps drops. 

But there are some tricks to improve the Performance:

1. You can activate Windows Aero
2.  Play Guild Wars 2 in fullscreen

There is also an Blogpost on Overwolf.

Pocket Knife will also be improved in terms of performance so if you have any suggestions you can send these or help us directly.

How to change the language of Pocket Knife?


You can change the language and also the search language in the settings of Pocket Knife.

I found a bug! Where can I report it?


It's important to us that bugs are reported quickly to fix them with the next update. Therefore you have the possibility to report those nasty bugs here.

We're also happy if you decide to give us feedback.

I want to help translate, where can I do this?


Unfortunately we can't speak any language even if we wish to, so we would be really glad about everyone who wants to help translate Pocket Knife and bring it to other countries. You can help without registration here on our Website

Choose the language that is already complete (left side) and then the language you want to translate to (right side).

Customer Voices

  • GREAT gw2 themed visuals has almost EVERYTHING you would want in a app. i hope they add more features!

  • Really like love app. It has the capability to do what multiple other apps on the appstore can do. Very useful. Not bugs that I have found as of yet.

  • just perfect!